Training in Periodontics

This seminar series is designed to make your periodontal treatment more effective. The foundation of an accurate diagnosis for treatment planning is emphasised and the principles and technique of thorough root surface debridement is demonstrated. The programme can be taken in its entirety as a whole-day course, or in sections as required.

The role of adjunctive therapy and periodontal surgery is discussed in detail to provide a working knowledge of the scope of periodontal therapy today.

The material is designed for general dental practitioners at all levels. The expected outcome is greater confidence in periodontal therapy as a basis for restorative dentistry.

Participants are encouraged to bring their own problem cases for discussion.

Full-Day Programme

Seminar 1 Diagnosis 1 - The Key to Prognosis
Understanding What You See

Seminar 2 Diagnosis 2 - Keeping an Open Mind
The Endo-Perio Dilemma

Seminar 3 Treatment Planning and Patient Motivation
The Six Weapons of Influence and The Four Personalities

Seminar 4 Root Surface Debridement and Re-evaluation
The Teamwork Approach

Seminar 5 Adjunctive Therapy - What More Can I Do?
Fibres, Rinses, Gels and Chips.

Seminar 6 Cut to the Chase
The Role of Surgery in Periodontal Therapy

Evening Seminar :

Motivation and Method (2 hours)
Getting the Results You Want in Periodontal Therapy
Covers patient motivation and principles of non-surgical therapy.
Keeping Out of Trouble – How to stay out of Court

All programmes are supported by computerized visual aids and reading list. Ample time will be available for questions and discussion.

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Periodontal Disease & Gum Disease Treatment by Periodontist Manchester, UK

Periodontist Manchester , UK offers periodontics training through seminar series which designed to make the periodontal treatment more effective.